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Cotton & Cable Craft

For more than two years we have patiently crafted and balanced our flavours to deliver you the ultimate vaping experience. We are not only committed to the highest quality ingredients and production but sensible branding, safe packaging and responsible marketing. Craft liquid, made in England.

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Description Price Quantity
Buttermint_rgb 72dpi Cotton & Cable - Buttermint 50ml 0mg CCLE0BUT50 Please Login
Baked apple_rgb 72dpi Cotton & Cable - Baked Apple 50ml 0mg CCLE0BAKAPP50 Please Login
Cantalope-Mango-Papaya_rgb 72dpi small Cotton & Cable - Cantaloupe Mango Papaya 50ml 0mg CCLE0CANMANPAP50 Please Login
Cucumber-Lime-Mint_rgb 72dpi small Cotton & Cable - Cucumber Lime Mint 50ml 0mg CCLE0CUCLIMMIN50 Please Login
Custard tart_rgb 72dpi Cotton & Cable - Custard Tart 50ml 0mg CCLE0CUSTAR50 Please Login
Eton mess_rgb 72dpi Cotton & Cable - Eton Mess 50ml 0mg CCLE0ETOMES50 Please Login
Fruit fool_rgb 72dpi Cotton & Cable - Fruit Fool 50ml 0mg CCLE0FRUFOO50 Please Login
Hot cross bun_rgb 72dpi Cotton & Cable - Hot Cross Bun 50ml 0mg CCLE0HOTCROBUN50 Please Login
Liquorice Allsorts_rgb 72dpi smaller Cotton & Cable - Liquorice Allsorts 50ml 0mg CCLE0LIQALL50 Please Login
Orange-Guava-Grapefruit_rgb 72dpi small Cotton & Cable - Orange Guava Grapefruit 50ml 0mg CCLE0ORAGUAGRA50 Please Login
Pink Grapefruit-Raspberry-Lime_rgb 72dpi small Cotton & Cable - Pink Grapefruit Raspberry Lime 50ml 0mg CCLE0PINGRARASLIM50 Please Login
Pornstar Martini_rgb 72dpi small Cotton & Cable - Pornstar Martini 50ml 0mg CCLE0PORMAR50 Please Login
Upside down cake_rgb 72dpi Cotton & Cable - Upside Down Cake 50ml 0mg CCLE0UPSDOWCAK50 Please Login

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