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Frunk - Bar

Banana - A flavour to boogie to, bananas with ice combine for a fruity and cool Frunk Bar vape. Banana Flavor E-Juice is a full-bodied flavor that is reminiscent of the golden energy-rich fruit.

Berry Mixer - The perfect flavour to mix with your groove, a handful of mixed berries combine to create a Frunk Bar flavour that stands out from the crowd.

Club Soda - A revitalizing mix of classic cola. This soda flavoured vape liquid will leave you feeling refreshingly cool on a hot summer day with its fizzy goodness.

Cool Pineapple - As you inhale, your tongue will be tickled by the tangy and sweet flavor profile you crave, and your palate will be taken on a rollercoaster. Your entire tongue will be bathed in thick, velvety cream with each exhale, allowing you to take each session to a new level of enjoyment.

Energy Drink - Innovation Energy Burst vape juice features a flavour with a tropical fruit mix finish. This is a beverage combination that combines the flavours of refreshing energy drinks with a dash of menthol and a sparkling fizz to produce an exhilarating vape experience.

Frozen Grape - Grape e-liquid is one of the most popular vape juice flavours. Grapes exist in a variety of colours, sizes, and flavours, and have been farmed for up to 8,000 years. Grapes can be found in a variety of things outside of vaping, from wine to jam. Grape has long been a favourite among vapers due to its rich, sweet flavour.

Grapefruit With Passion - A flavour to keep you going all night long, this exotic and mysterious mix of flavours makes a fruity and juicy vape!

Mint Mania - For the coolest of customers, this mint blend is cool and refreshing. The perfect all day vape!

Twisted Apple - Welcome to the Frunk Bar Twisted Apple Disposable Vape. Sweet and sour apples combine to make a fruity and juicy vape, after vaping this all day you’ll still want to come back for more!

Watermelon Splash - Mild, fruit flavour which is bursting with the sweet taste of the exotic fruit. This tropical taste is refreshing from the first inhale and has been replicated well from the popular summer fruit.

Iced Mango - This flavour is the perfect medley of mango and ice, the balance between fruit and menthol gives a fruity and refreshing vape.

Orange Breezer - A refreshing and juicy orange flavour with a nice cool breeze, the sweet citrus flavour with undertones of menthol make a great all day vape!

Peach Ice - The perfect combo of peach and menthol, bursting at the seems with juicy flavour whilst still providing the cool kick of an all day vape.

Strawberry Nana - The grooviest combination of juicy fruit, stawberry and banana combine to make the perfect vape for fans of fruity flavours.

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