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Razz & Jazz

Introducing Razz & Jazz, the ultimate selection for berry lovers that have a sweet tooth for chewy gummies.

Indulge yourself in delightful combinations of the finest ingredients mixed perfectly with our signature juicy gummy raspberry.

It’s the Razz with all that Jazz !

Proudly Made in Canada by the manufacturer of Twelve Monkeys Vapor and Illusions Vapor !

Made in Canada with high-quality ingredients, Razz & Jazz brings you the best gummy tastes and the best raspberry flavours on the market !

Discover delicate and clean flavours that will surely satisfy every taste.

We have designed the flavours with customers requests in mind and have successfully balanced great tasting avours that maintain coil longevity.

Items 1-5 of 5
Description Price Quantity
Razz _ Jazz 50ml - Blueberry Raspberry Razz & Jazz - Blue Raspberry 50ml 0mg RJLE0BLURAS50 Please Login
Razz _ Jazz 50ml - Lemon Raspberry Razz & Jazz - Lemon Raspberry 50ml 0mg RJLE0LEMRAS50 Please Login
Razz _ Jazz 50ml - Mint Raspberry Razz & Jazz - Mint Raspberry 50ml 0mg RJLE0MINRAS50 Please Login
Razz _ Jazz 50ml - Original Raspberry Razz & Jazz - Original Raspberry 50ml 0mg RJLE0ORIRAS50 Please Login
Razz _ Jazz 50ml - Peach Raspberry Razz & Jazz - Peach Raspberry 50ml 0mg RJLE0PEARAS50 Please Login

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