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iJoy i-ART Kit (Retail)

The IJOY iArt pen is the perfect way to let your unique style shine. The iJoy iArt is a sleek, slim device that lets you vape in style. The large 7mL capacity allows you to keep on vaping without constantly refilling your device. The gold or silver mouth tip is molded to resemble a hookah hose tip, and buttonless operation (just draw on the mouth piece to activate) makes for a seamless design. At the heart of the IJOY iArt e-cig is a cartomizer and battery which screw into a tube inside the liquid tank. (Note: the carto has a reverse thread). The slender 280mAh battery has a jewel like light up tip that literally makes this lovely unit shine. (Because of the small size of the battery, it will be a good idea to keep the spare charged and carry it with you).

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