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Charged Eliquid Five distinctive High Octane flavours. Set to bring your vaping experience up to 100%.

GREEN SCAR – CITRUS ENERGY – Extracted from the dew of the tallest mountains, this mixed citrus ape quenches your thirst as well as blesses your coils.

PINK PULSE - BUBBLEGUM ENERGY – A pure punky pink pulse of bubblegum deliciousness ready to chug down and blow clouds with.

RED THUNDER – ORIGINAL ENERGY – Drawn from the red thunder stricken down from the heavens, an original burst of energy that will send your soaring.

THIRST-AID - ORANGE + LEMON ENERGY – An amazing jolt of energy to kick start your taste buds back into motion with an Orange + Lemon overload.

ORANGE JUSTICE - ORANGE ENERGY – From daybreak till sunset, this energetic blast of Orange will soon become your favourite all day vape.

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Description Price Quantity
Charge 100ml GreenScar Charge Green Scar 0mg 100ml CHLE0GRESCA100 Please Login
Charge Orange Justice 0mg 100ml Charge Orange Justice 0mg 100ml CHLE0ORAJUS100 Please Login
Charge Pink Pulse 0mg 100ml Charge Pink Pulse 0mg 100ml CHLE0PINPUL100 Please Login
Charge Thirst Aid 0mg 100ml Charge Thirst Aid 0mg 100ml CHLE0THIAID100 Please Login
Charge 100ml Red Thunder Charge Red Thunder 0mg 100ml CHLE0REDTHU100 Please Login

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