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Charge E-liquid

Charged Eliquid Five distinctive High Octane flavours. Set to bring your vaping experience up to 100%.

GREEN SCAR – CITRUS ENERGY – Extracted from the dew of the tallest mountains, this mixed citrus ape quenches your thirst as well as blesses your coils.

PINK PULSE - BUBBLEGUM ENERGY – A pure punky pink pulse of bubblegum deliciousness ready to chug down and blow clouds with.

RED THUNDER – ORIGINAL ENERGY – Drawn from the red thunder stricken down from the heavens, an original burst of energy that will send your soaring.

THIRST-AID - ORANGE + LEMON ENERGY – An amazing jolt of energy to kick start your taste buds back into motion with an Orange + Lemon overload.

ORANGE JUSTICE - ORANGE ENERGY – From daybreak till sunset, this energetic blast of Orange will soon become your favourite all day vape.

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