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Cream Queen

Cream Queen, guarantees a great creamy vape experience for all opportunities.

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Description Price Quantity
PJEmpire_bangkok_bandit_OD Slushy Queen Bangkok Bandit 0mg 50ml PJLE0SLUQUEBANBAN50 Please Login
PJEmpire_blueberry_lemonade_OD Slushy Queen Blueberry Lemonade 0mg 50ml PJLE0SLUQUEBLULEM50 Please Login
PJEmpire_thai_chai_boba_OD Slushy Queen Thai Chai on the Roxx 0mg 50ml PJLE0SLUQUETAICHA50 Please Login
PJEmpire_horny_on_the_roxx_OD Slushy Queen Horny on the Roxx 0mg 50ml PJLE0SLUQUEHORROX50 Please Login

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