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This is a special line of Reduced-PG E-Liquids. these E-Liquids have a much higher level of Vegetable Glycerin and there for they are thicker. They tend to produce more vapor, with less throat hit, but because of the thickness of the juice may not perform as well in certain accessories such as top fed clearomizers. All flavors in this line are concocted at Mountain Oak Vapors with the very finest in Natural & Organic flavorings found in the USA!

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MO-SW-1024-2 Enthusiast 0-MG Caribbean Crush (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT0CARCRU15 Please Login
MO-SW-1024-2 Enthusiast 3-MG Caribbean Crush (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT3CARCRU15 Please Login
MO-SW-1024-2 Enthusiast 6-MG Caribbean Crush (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT6CARCRU15 Please Login
MO-SW-1024-2 Enthusiast 12-MG Caribbean Crush (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT12CARCRU15 Please Login
MO-SW-1024-2 Enthusiast 18-MG Caribbean Crush (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT18CARCRU15 Please Login
MO-DT-1024-2 Enthusiast 0-MG Chai Tea Latte (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT0CARTEALAT15 Please Login
MO-DT-1024-2 Enthusiast 3-MG Chai Tea Latte (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT3CARTEALAT15 Please Login
MO-DT-1024-2 Enthusiast 6-MG Chai Tea Latte (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT6CARTEALAT15 Please Login
MO-DT-1024-2 Enthusiast 12-MG Chai Tea Latte (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT12CARTEALAT15 Please Login
MO-DT-1024-2 Enthusiast 18-MG Chai Tea Latte (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT18CARTEALAT15 Please Login
MO-SW-1017-2 Enthusiast 0-MG Grape Onya (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT0GRAONY15 Please Login
MO-SW-1017-2 Enthusiast 3-MG Grape Onya (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT3GRAONY15 Please Login
MO-SW-1017-2 Enthusiast 6-MG Grape Onya (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT6GRAONY15 Please Login
MO-SW-1017-2 Enthusiast 12-MG Grape Onya (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT12GRAONY15 Please Login
MO-SW-1017-2 Enthusiast 18-MG Grape Onya (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT18GRAONY15 Please Login
MO-SW-1022-2 Enthusiast 0-MG Lynchburg Sour (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT0LYNSOU15 Please Login
MO-SW-1022-2 Enthusiast 3-MG Lynchburg Sour (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT3LYNSOU15 Please Login
MO-SW-1022-2 Enthusiast 6-MG Lynchburg Sour (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT6LYNSOU15 Please Login
MO-SW-1022-2 Enthusiast 12-MG Lynchburg Sour (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT12LYNSOU15 Please Login
MO-SW-1022-2 Enthusiast 18-MG Lynchburg Sour (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT18LYNSOU15 Please Login
MO-SW-1023-2 Enthusiast 0-MG Rainbow Sorbet (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT0RAISOR15 Please Login
MO-SW-1023-2 Enthusiast 3-MG Rainbow Sorbet (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT3RAISOR15 Please Login
MO-SW-1023-2 Enthusiast 6-MG Rainbow Sorbet (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT6RAISOR15 Please Login
MO-SW-1023-2 Enthusiast 12-MG Rainbow Sorbet (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT12RAISOR15 Please Login
MO-SW-1023-2 Enthusiast 18-MG Rainbow Sorbet (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT18RAISOR15 Please Login
MO-TN-1024-2 Enthusiast 0-MG Rangler (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT0RAN15 Please Login
MO-TN-1024-2 Enthusiast 3-MG Rangler (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT3RAN15 Please Login
MO-TN-1024-2 Enthusiast 6-MG Rangler (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT6RAN15 Please Login
MO-TN-1024-2 Enthusiast 12-MG Rangler (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT12RAN15 Please Login
MO-TN-1024-2 Enthusiast 18-MG Rangler (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT18RAN15 Please Login
MO-SW-1016-2 Enthusiast 0-MG Strawberry Breeze (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT0STRBRE15 Please Login
MO-SW-1016-2 Enthusiast 3-MG Strawberry Breeze (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT3STRBRE15 Please Login
MO-SW-1016-2 Enthusiast 6-MG Strawberry Breeze (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT6STRBRE15 Please Login
MO-SW-1016-2 Enthusiast 12-MG Strawberry Breeze (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT12STRBRE15 Please Login
MO-SW-1016-2 Enthusiast 18-MG Strawberry Breeze (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT18STRBRE15 Please Login
MO-DT-1020-2 Enthusiast 0-MG Strawberry Brulee (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT0STRBRU15 Please Login
MO-DT-1020-2 Enthusiast 3-MG Strawberry Brulee (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT3STRBRU15 Please Login
MO-DT-1020-2 Enthusiast 6-MG Strawberry Brulee (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT6STRBRU15 Please Login
MO-DT-1020-2 Enthusiast 12-MG Strawberry Brulee (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT12STRBRU15 Please Login
MO-DT-1020-2 Enthusiast 18-MG Strawberry Brulee (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT18STRBRU15 Please Login
MO-DT-1018-2 Enthusiast 0-MG Vanilla Dream (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT0VANDRE15 Please Login
MO-DT-1018-2 Enthusiast 3-MG Vanilla Dream (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT3VANDRE15 Please Login
MO-DT-1018-2 Enthusiast 6-MG Vanilla Dream (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT6VANDRE15 Please Login
MO-DT-1018-2 Enthusiast 12-MG Vanilla Dream (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT12VANDRE15 Please Login
MO-DT-1018-2 Enthusiast 18-MG Vanilla Dream (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT18VANDRE15 Please Login
MO-SW-1019-2 Enthusiast 0-MG Water Malone (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT0WATMAL15 Please Login
MO-SW-1019-2 Enthusiast 3-MG Water Malone (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT3WATMAL15 Please Login
MO-SW-1019-2 Enthusiast 6-MG Water Malone (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT6WATMAL15 Please Login
MO-SW-1019-2 Enthusiast 12-MG Water Malone (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT12WATMAL15 Please Login
MO-SW-1019-2 Enthusiast 18-MG Water Malone (15ml) E-liquid MOLEENT18WATMAL15 Please Login

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