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KNDI_UK_50ML_CandyCotton_Trans KNDI - Cotton Candy 0mg 50ml KNLE0COTCAN50 Please Login
KNDI_UK_10ML_20MG_CottonCandy KNDI Cotton Candy 20mg Nic Salt 10ml KNLE20COTCAN10 Please Login
IMG_7873 KNDI - Lemon BonBom 0mg 50ml KNLE0LEMBOM50 Please Login
KNDI_UK_10ML_20MG_LemonBonBon KNDI Lemon BonBon 20mg Nic Salt 10ml KNLE20LEMBON10 Please Login
KNDI_UK_50ML_TwistedMarshmallow_Trans-600x600 (1) KNDI - Twisted Marshmallow 0mg 50ml KNLE0TWIMAR50 Please Login
KNDI_UK_10ML_20MG_TwistedMarshmallow KNDI Twisted Marshmallow 20mg Nic Salt 10ml KNLE20TWIMAR10 Please Login
IMG_7872 KNDI - White Chocolate 0mg 50ml KNLE0WHICHO50 Please Login
KNDI_UK_10ML_20MG_WhiteChocolate KNDI White Chocolate 20mg Nic Salt 10ml KNLE20WHICHO10 Please Login
kndi_uk_50ml_0mg_toffeeapple KNDI Toffee Apple 0mg 50ml KNLE0TOFAPP50 Please Login
White Gummi 50ml KNDI - White GummI 0mg 50ml KNLE0WHIGUM50 Please Login

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