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SQZD Fruit Co have packed an explosion of flavour into their fruit inspired award-winning E-Liquid range. Produced in the UK by Juice Locker, these E-Liquids have been meticulously crafted by some of the most experienced mixologists in the industry. The use of ultra-premium concentrates creates flavours like no others – we guarantee you have found your new all day vape!

All of our E-Liquid flavours are freshly SQZD into the bottle, extracting every last drop of liquid from the mix to give you a powerful, refreshing taste.

Manufactured in the UK in a 70%VG / 30%PG ratio, this liquid is ideal for maximum clouds and excellent flavour!

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Description Price Quantity
SQZD_100ML_0MG_AppleBlackcurrant_0719 SQZD Apple Blackcurrant 0mg 100ml SQZLE0APPBLACUR100 Please Login
SQZD_100ML_0MG_BloodOrange_0719 SQZD Blood Orange 0mg 100ml SQZLE0BLOORA100 Please Login
SQZD_100ML_0MG_BlueRaspberry_0719 SQZD Blue Raspberry 0mg 100ml SQZLE0BLURAS100 Please Login
SQZD_100ML_0MG_GrapePineapple_0719 SQZD Grape Pineapple 0mg 100ml SQZLE0GRAPIN100 Please Login
SQZD_100ML_0MG_MangoLime_0719 SQZD Mango Lime 0mg 100ml SQZLE0MANLIM100 Please Login
SQZD_100ML_0MG_StrawberryRaspberry_0719 SQZD Strawberry Raspberry 0mg 100ml SQZLE0STRRAS100 Please Login
SQZD_100ML_0MG_TropicalPunch_0719 SQZD Tropical Punch 0mg 100ml SQZLE0TROPUN100 Please Login
SQZD_100ML_0MG_WatermelonKiwi_0719 SQZD Watermelon Kiwi 0mg 100ml SQZLE0WATMELKIW100 Please Login

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