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Ruthless - Rise on Ice 0mg 50ml

Inhale a delicious blend of fresh mangoes, lychees, with a hint of icy-cool menthol. Unlike other fruity vape juices, Rise On Ice E-Juice isn’t overwhelmingly sweet—it’s just right. If you are looking for a refreshing all day vape you've come to the right place. How does our Ruthless e-liquid stand out from the crowd? Unlike other vape manufacturers, we delicately craft our e-juices to taste as naturally flavorful as possible. If you are looking for a cheap, artificial, synthetic tasting vape you'll need to look elsewhere. Our Ruthless e-liquids are called "premium" for a reason. Our US made products consist of the finest ingredients around. Experience the true meaning of high quality vaping. Give our Ruthless E-Juices a try and order your bottle today! Available for purchase in the following sizes: 50ML.

Rise on Ice E-JUICE

Incredibly Flavorful Cloud Pleasing E-juice Fresh Lychees and Mangoes Refreshing Menthol

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