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Smok - TFV12 Prince Coils (3 Per Pack)

Branded as ‘Hyper Engines’ by SMOK, TFV12 Prince Coil Heads use enhanced wicking capability to deliver premium cloud and flavour at power settings ranging from 40 to 120 Watts. Three of these multi-core Prince coil heads feature 12 individual wicking ports in their colossal Stainless Steel barrels. The only exception is the V12 Prince-T10 coil. This top-of-the-range coil uses 4 elongated wicking ports to regulate the flow of e juice to its 10 individual cores.

3 x SMOK V12 Prince-Q4 coil heads (0.4 Ohms) Before the rise of SMOK’s ‘Cloud Beast’ coils, a quad-core coil head firing between 40 and 100 Watts would have been totally outrageous. This V12 Prince-Q4 coil is fitted as standard in the TFV12 Prince tank. This is SMOK’s ‘everyday’ vaping coil for fans of big-cloud, full-flavour vapour. Don’t forget to thoroughly saturate the Q4 coil head’s wicks before searching for a sweet-spot in the 60 to 80 Watt setting range.

SMOK V12 Prince-Q4 0.4 Ohm Coil Head Features: 0.4 Ohm replaceable SMOK V12 Prince-Q4 coil head Power range: 40 to 100 Watts (60 to 80 Watt sweet-spot) Compatible with SMOK’s TFV12 Prince tank Features 12 individual wicking ports for continuous coil saturation Quadruple ‘Hyper Engine’ coil core Packed with organic cotton for pure flavour Delivers exceptional cloud & rich flavour 100% Genuine SMOK Prince coil head

3 x SMOK V12 Prince-X6 coil heads (0.15 Ohms) Six parallel connected coils take this coil head’s resistance right down to 0.15 Ohms. That’s close to the minimum atomizer resistance for many regulated mods. The Prince-X6 coil head also features 12 individual wicking ports – essential for a sextuple core ‘Hyper Engine’ with 50 to 120 Watt firing capability. Try settings in the 80 to 100 Watt range for amazing cloud and flavour.

SMOK V12 Prince-X6 0.15 Ohm Coil Head Features: 0.15 Ohm replaceable SMOK V12 Prince-X6 coil head Power range: 50 to 120 Watts (80 to 100 Watts recommended) Designed to fit SMOK’s TFV12 Prince tank Features 12 wicking ports for high-volume e juice delivery Sextuple, TFV12 ‘Hyper Engine’ coil core Wicked with organic cotton for smooth flavour Generates colossal cloud & luscious flavour Authentic SMOK Prince coil head

3 x SMOK V12 Prince-T10 coil heads (0.12 Ohms) With an ultra-low resistance of 0.12 Ohms you can guess why this ten-core ‘Hyper Engine’ reigns supreme in the TFV12 Prince coil family! Surprisingly, the V12 Prince-T10 coil reverts to ‘Beast’ style, elongated wicking ports to feed its decuple core with e juice. SMOK recommend that you explore the 80 to 110 Watt setting range for the T10 coil head’s optimum cloud & flavour balance.

SMOK V12 Prince-T10 0.12 Ohm Coil Head Features: 0.12 Ohm replaceable SMOK V12 Prince-T10 coil head Power range: 60 to 120 Watts (80 to 110 Watts for balanced performance) Compatible with SMOK’s TFV12 Prince tank Features elongated wicking ports for optimum e juice delivery Decuple, TFV12 ‘Hyper Engine’ coil core Organic cotton wicks for flavour purity Top of the V12 Prince range for cloud volume Authentic SMOK Prince coil head

3 x SMOK V12 Prince-M4 coil heads (0.17 Ohms) Don’t miss this V12 Prince-M4 coil if you vape with a mechanical mod! SMOK have invested their considerable design expertise in a dedicated, quad-core coil-head specially for mech-mod vapers. Operating in the 30 to 70 Watt power band, this 0.17 Ohm coil head actually delivers its best performance in the 40 to 60 Watt range. That means that you’ll still get a great vape when your battery is below full charge.

SMOK V12 Prince-M4 0.17 Ohm Coil Head Features: 0.17 Ohm replaceable SMOK V12 Prince-M4 coil head Power range: 30 to 70 Watts (40 to 60 Watts for cloud/flavour balance) Compatible with SMOK’s TFV12 Prince tank & mech-mods Features 12 wicking ports for superior e juice delivery Quadruple, TFV12 mechanical mod coil core Organic cotton wicks for optimum cloud & flavour Stunning performance at mid-range power/voltage levels Genuine SMOK Prince coil head

Compatibility: These replacement TFV12 Prince Tank Coils are only compatible with SMOK’s TFv12 Prince Tank.

Notes: The lifespan of a TFV12 Prince Tank Coils will vary depending on your vape power settings, the e liquid formula and your vaping frequency.

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